Scott's Guitar Blog: August 27, 2007

Newest Acoustic Finished!

Here’s the guitar that was featured several times as it was being built. It belongs to Gerry McKeveny,
and he picked it up this morning. It is similar to a 000 body size, but a bit deeper. Back and sides are quilted mahogany, the top is cedar with “bear-claw” figuring. This guitar was finished in ultraviolet-cure lacquer; a thin, crisp, and very tough finish. The guitar is very well balanced, and has a full even tone. Perfect for fingerstyle. Gerry was here at several points as the guitar was being designed and built, and even helped out a bit!

Building for someone from the ground up, just for them, is a great way to have no two guitars be alike. Each instrument should really bring all the player’s personality and spirit to the audience. I’ve noticed when a player has an instrument that really nails who they are, their songwriting and performance tends become even stronger.

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