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Resonator Electric
Resonator Electric in black with white pearloid pickguard and optional traditional tailpiece.
Optional integrated tailpiece Custom abalone pickguard
Resonator Electric
Vintage ivory finish with tortoise pickguard,
integrated tailpiece and "chicken" knobs.
Cadmium orange with white pearloid pickguard
and "chicken" knobs.

Resonator Electric Guitar

Featured in Guitar Player, Acoustic Guitar, 20th Century Guitar magazines, and the 2008 book Hand Made Hand Played, this electric resophonic guitar is the ultimate blend of resonator and electric technology. From deep, full reso-bite to twangle, it is perfect for blues, rock, country and any combination of these styles. Made custom per order, with choices in neck contour, string spacing, nut width, pickup options, and a rainbow of colors. These fine electric resonator guitars have been played by Lucinda Williams, Robert Hunter (Grateful Dead), John Jackson (Kathy Mattea, Bob Dylan, Lucinda Williams, Shelby Lynn), The Last Hombres with Levon Helm, renown TV/Film composer Mike Post and many others. John Jackson plays 2 tasty tunes with this guitar on the Austin City limits DVD Lucinda Williams Live from Austin TX.

 Jitterbug Swing
performed by Little Toby Walker and Kerry Kearny The Blues Show WUSB-FM
 Mr. Moyssi's Gumbo
performed by Bob Westcott
 neck pickup
 cone pickup
 both pickups
performed by SB MacDonald

Burgundy with smoke pearloid pickguard

Here's a passage from Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter's "Road Journal."

...One of those gigs of which it could be said "it had its moments." The best of those moments, to me, were on the new electric resonator guitar Scott MacDonald made for me: Milwaukee Blues, Alabama Getaway and Black Muddy kicks big time ass...

Featured in Premier Guitar magazine's April/2009 issue
5 Resonator Builders You Shouls Know article

Guiltar Player Magazine
Lucinda Williams on SNL
See Lucinda Williams on NBC's Saturday Night Live playing this guitar.
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Lucinda Williams' guitarist John Jackson on Austin City Limits John Jackson on Austin City Limits performing "Lake Charles" from Lucinda Williams Live from Austin TX DVD
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