Martin Top Hole/Bridge Repair

This article involves a wonderful 1930 Martin 0-17 that belonged to my client's grandfather, so it obviously has tremendous sentimental value to her.  A repair was attempted by a well meaning family member who just made things worse.  The bridge had pulled off the top, taking a chunk of the top off with it.  The person attempting the repair simply put everything back and poured glue all around it.  What a mess!  The top was up 1/4" at a 45 degree angle at the bridge pin holes because of the damage, which meant the bridge would not lie flat on the top.  The bridge plate inside the body was also shattered and partially missing. 

Here's what I needed to do.  The old bridge plate needed to removed, and a new one made.  All the old glue needed to be carefully scraped and sanded away to expose clean wood.  The photos are as follows:  1-All the damage and parts visible.  2-The new bridgeplate.  3-the new bridgeplate being glued in (bringing the top back down to an ever so slightly curved, aligned surface, as if nothing ever happened).  4- The hole seen from above with the new plate below.  5-A mahagony patch placed in the hole with the grain going the same way as the top (don't be fooled by the lengthwise sanding marks!)  6- The bridge reglued.  The top is back to perfect specs, and now the guitar is ready for its neck reset!

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