Scott's Guitar Blog: September 4, 2008

Cool Antique Guitar Mold Table!

I found this neat little coffee table on eBay for $30! It is a late 1800-early 1900’s parlor guitar sized mold used for building guitar bodies. Someone who really knew furniture making turned it into a table, I’m guessing close to 100 years ago. The walnut veneer that was applied is thick and lustrous similar to “Empire” era furniture. It has a weird little cover/top that pops on and off as well…It goes so well in front of the old turn of the century shoe-shine stand in my office! OK folks, I know it isn’t a guitar making article but it is pretty rare to find something like this, you gotta admit!

One has to wonder as you’re sitting in my office with a cup of coffee how many guitars were made from this mold/table creature…who played them, the songs they knew, what they had for lunch etc….