The Blu Meanie

This guitar features a juicy, thick figured maple top, and an African mahogany back. The figure rolls down the sides like a waterfall. The headstock design and color is a subtle stylized ocean wave. Custom made Lindy Fralin high output humbuckers.

A letter I received from the owner of the Blu Meanie:

Hi Scott,
Im getting ready to call it a night, but I wanted to take a minute and thank you again for building me such a great guitar. I got to really get in touch with it today, and I found myself playing things I havent been able to play for years. It simply makes you a better player. To call it a “hot rod” is really the most accurate statement. It’s got so much “go” in it, tons of tone, and with my amp, longer sustain than Santana had in the ’70s. What a blast Im having with this. Before long, I’ll be playing as good as I did when I was 25….Im forever grateful.


A powerful voice great for blues and rock. Full and warm, with punchy crisp highs and no muddy mids. The fingerboard features a whimsical full color inlay “Yellow Sub” theme sketched up by SBM and masterfully broughtto life and hand inlaid by famed inlay artisan Larry Robinson.