Scott's Guitar Blog: December 20, 2006

Dick Benedis Jazz Guitarist

Dick Benedis is a great guy…I met him about 16 years ago early in my career, when he trusted me with both his late 40s ES-350 and Super 300. It meant a lot to me then and still does! He moved to Florida about 10 years ago or so and he called me last week to say he was driving up for the holidays.

Dick is a talented musician…I wish I had his chops! During his career he’s worked with legendary Broadway composer Cy Coleman, band leader Xavier Cougat, Paul Whiteman and others. Dick’s done everything from live radio to working the pit on broadway. Dick is seen here with his 40s Gibson ES-350 which he bought brand new back in the day. They’re both all original!

Good luck to you Dick and it was great seeing you again!