Scott's Guitar Blog: September 29, 2008

Great New Guitar Book

Hand Made, Hand Played, The Art and Craft of Contemporary Guitars, Robert Shaw Published by Lark Books. $35.95

This new book is wonderful and I’m not just saying that because I’m in it! The author Bob Shaw really captured the art/design of modern guitars. Luthiers from all over the world are represented here
in a concise and versatile look at modern guitars. Mr Shaw clearly loves all kinds of guitars and is agenda-free in the open and diverse work presented in this book. More independent builders are presented here than any book I’ve seen to date. Some of the most innovative work is by individual luthiers and his support is appreciated by us all.

It is a must for any collection, and I’m honored to be in this book and in such great company. The photo below is the cover and the 3 pages I was fortunate enough to be in. It is available on Amazon and with a release in the next few days should be at bookstores soon!

Here is a heavily discounted order page from Amazon and under $24.