Scott's Guitar Blog: August 30, 2006

Hawaii, Ukes, Chickens and Dolphins

Well, I was away in Hawaii for a bit on a much needed break after a long busy year since last summer. In Oahu, I hung out with the great folks at Koaloha Ukuleles.

What a great family and crew! They treated us like we were one of them, treated us to lunch and I asked them to make me a uke as a memory of our visit. Please visit their site! My wife and I took a lesson there from the famed uke player and instructor Gordon Mark, who is considered an Hawaiian state treasure. Our playing was miles better by the end of the lesson!

The photo of me was the last strum in the rental car lot before flying home to NY…

There were extinct calderas (volcano craters) the size of towns, spiders the size of your thumb, dolphins swimming and jumping within inches of our sailboat as we cruised up the amazing Na Pali coast of Kauai and hundreds of thousands of chickens everywhere. (I mean everywhere) thanks to a hurricane in the 90s. Get this: These chickens are now considered a protected state bird! Think you’ve seen it all? How about a pissed off territorial rooster who thinks he owns the parking lot, 20 feet up a palm tree! I will miss Kauai…oh well, back to the bench!