Scott's Guitar Blog: April 22, 2009

Making a Guitar Bridge on a Milling Machine

Some of you may remember back a few articles that I made a 9-string pin less bridge by hand. Well, it came out pretty good but after getting this cool old vertical milling machine my world changed and I had to toss that old bridge to make a perfect one! The accuracy of a mill is incredible.

Perfect slotting, perfect spacing and tolerances in the string tunnels and holes. A different world.
You can see in the photos the bit going into the rosewood to create the angled string tunnels, the 9 string ball-end holes and the saddle slot all done on this mill. The bridge was then shaped on a bandsaw, and profiled by hand. I’m very excited about being able to make handmade guitars with perfectly accurate details like this. This is still hand building the milling is done manually, no CNC programs or computers doing the work. A lot of fun with very satisfying results! Enjoy the photos.