Scott's Guitar Blog: May 28, 2009

Newest Electric Guitar!

I finished this one yesterday and got the photos done quickly as it will soon be with its new owner! I’m very proud of this guitar. The body is a stack of two woods; black walnut and flamed maple. The tone is full, powerful and clear. Lindy Fralin made the brushed nickel high output humbuckers custom for me and they put any Gibson PU to shame. No muddy mids with these babies. I also used maple mounting rings for the pickups to honor the natural look of this guitar.

The finish on the body and neck is a hand-applied hardening oil that really shows off the natural luster of the wood without making it look plastic-like and too glossy. Warm and organic looking is the best way to describe it. In the photos below you can see the original maple block before I re-sawed and bookmatched it, the walnut halves after re-sawing being glued up in the plate-joining fixture and the two joined plates ready to be stacked together and glued….pretty cool before and after shots.