Scott's Guitar Blog: March 24, 2009

SBM Skateboard Lapsteel Guitar!

This one is pretty cool folks…At 49, I was dragged into skateboarding by a very persuasive kid I know who talked me into boarding into town for lunch. In addition to skateboarding he knows a few licks on the steel guitar. I thought “how cool would it be to combine the two worlds!” The result: The S.B. MacDonald SkateSteel. Yes, it is a functional skateboard and when the upper deck is removed, a quality and tone full lap steel guitar! It uses the same humbucking pickup as my Resonator Electric, so tone and vibe are plentiful. I made this on a Sunday and finished it before breakfast the next day. Hey…it’s an oak board, skateboard trucks, wheels, a pickup and some electronics…no biggie! My new milling machine made quick work of drilling, boring alignment holes etc… Here are some photos of it in use!