Taylor Guitar Repairs

I’ve been working closely with Taylor Guitars as a factory-authorized repair shop and warranty repair center for over 25 years. During this time I’ve visited and worked in their factory in El Cajon, California two times. I’ve repaired hundreds of Taylor guitars through the years ranging from set-ups, new saddles, new nuts, bridge re-glues, and neck resets to major structural repairs like shattered tops, sides and backs, and broken necks.

Repairing Taylor Guitars

My history with Taylor guitars is long, so I have a deep understanding of the evolution of their guitars. Typical repairs performed on Taylor guitars include neck resets on both classic and NT design necks, loose braces, repairing cave-ins at the head block, re-gluing or replacing bridges, frets, installing, repairing and upgrading electronics, repairing cracks, and set-ups.

My shop features many tools and fixtures to perform advanced repairs on Taylor guitars, including installation and upgrades to their pickup systems and spraying UV-cure finish.

I have specialized fixtures for performing repairs on Taylor guitars, including vacuum-clamping for bridge re-glues, the wonderful Taylor fret-buck for installing new frets, and dedicated fixtures for other repair needs.

I work closely with the factory when exchanging parts like broken necks as well.

Let’s Get Your Taylor Fixed

It’s easy to get your guitar repair started. If you’re local we can arrange a visit to my workshop. If you can’t make it to Vermont I’m happy to arrange a remote consultation via Skype or iChat. Contact me at [phone] or email me so we can discuss your needs and get your Taylor squared away.