Scott's Guitar Blog: May 13, 2006

Ukulele Binding Time!

Hi Folks, I’m back with that little uke I’m making with my son! It is the first instrument we’re really making together. Today we installed the traditional “rope” binding seen on so many Hawaiian instruments; it is comprised of maple and rosewood pieces glued in a long strip.
It is a very lovely and rich look and fun to work with.

The channels are routed into the body and the strips are glued and taped in place. When dry they are sanded flush with the top sides and back. My son asked me “Daddy, why am I always the clamp?”
I replied “Son, that’s what luthier’s are for a large part of their careers…clamps.”

The sound hole edge was also bound in rope style binding. I bent the wet wood around my bathroom doorknob to make the tight curve…so much for the dark secrets of lutherie! Hey, don’t ask questions if it works! You can see how amazing this looks in the bottom photo during the finishing process. Once the lacquer is on, the wood comes alive!

All the best, Scott