Ukulele Repair and Restoration

I have been repairing and restoring ukuleles for over twenty five years, and am a player, as well. I also build and design ukes.

For such simple instruments, they are still complex and require a deep understanding to repair them correctly to preserve their tone. If they are vintage ukuleles, their voice, spirit and value must also be preserved.

I have performed extensive repairs on hundreds of uses through the years including Weissenborn, Kamaka, Kumalae, Gibson, Martin and many other brands including Le Domino, National, Gretsch, Harmony Johnny Marvin, Weymann, Roy Smeck, many un-named Hawaiian antiques ukuleles, andĀ others. I have stockpiled many vintage parts for old uses as well.

I can also help identify, date and appraise ukulelesĀ for my customers.

Ukuleles are typically very fragile, lightly made instruments. It is not unusual to see ukuleles with cracks in their bodies, lifting bridges, tuning machine that do not stay in tune, loose internal braces and body separations.