Scott's Guitar Blog: February 6, 2006

Why a Custom Made Guitar?

I’ve had many guitar repair customers over the years who thought about having a custom guitar made next time they were ready for a guitar… In a mass consumer culture like ours, the first thought is to buy a new guitar at a store. After all, we buy shoes, pets, food, and everything else there! Only by being here and realizing that I can make them a guitar JUST for them that fit their body, voice and personality do they shift their thinking. The artist in the photo is Jim Dexter of NY (Photo by Jim Marchese). He is playing a cedar and walnut jumbo I made him years ago. People are always mentioning seeing him play this guitar. You can see from the photos how close Jim is to his guitar and his music just by looking at the picture. That’s because he was part of its creation… it was made for him, based on who he is.

A guitar made just for you will make you feel very special. It will affect the way you view your music and yourself. In addition, you will have a tool that very well might be the most expressive powerful partner in your performing and song writing!

The investment is not much more than the high-end guitars in the stores and it usually takes 1-3 years to complete depending on the guitar maker’s waiting list, so the money isn’t that hard to save up. I’ve often had clients tell me they are writing the best songs of their lives on the guitar I made them. Is it the guitar or them? Does it matter? There is magic in a guitar made by hand just for you…that’s all that really matters.