Scott's Guitar Blog: August 5, 2009

Yellow Submarine Guitar “The Blu Meanie”

I LOVED making this guitar. My client is a big Yellow Sub fan and wanted the inlays to reflect this.

I saw a blue guitar with crazy flame in a trans blue, blue neck and full colour inlays in my head.
The body is a stack of thick slabs of figured maple and African mahogany. I could have made three tops out of the maple but wanted the top thick and juicy so the grain would waterfall over the sides.
The headstock shape and colour is a subtle stylized ocean wave.

As far as the inlays I drew up a sketch with the meanie and the sub in a quantum “2 places at once”
visual and bubbles. Renown inlay artist Larry Robinson brought this to life with amazing hand-inlaid
Plexiglas, shell and rear-painted Plexi. Stunning inlay work Larry, you’re the greatest! Lindy Fralin made the high-output humbuckers for a powerful, warm and clear voice with no muddy mids.

“Come on Nowhere man…I’ll take you somewhere”