You deserve a guitar made just for you.

Custom Built Guitars and Instruments by Scott MacDonald

My custom guitars are made strictly by special order. Each is designed around the needs, spirit and personality of the player. Design, function, balance and tonal flavor come together to create an instrument that is an extension of the artist.

  • I make acoustic guitars, electric guitars and basses, resonator guitars, electric resonators and ukuleles
  • There are many varieties of wood to choose from. All the wood I use is seasoned and aged for at least two years
  • Do you need electronics? The right system, if a pickup is desired, will honor the voice of the guitar
  • Each custom guitar I build is designed to fit your hands, style, personality and voice

Scott featured in a short film series about designers, by Lincoln Motors

Making a Custom Guitar

I build custom instruments that are unique and designed specifically for each player. To me, that is what “custom guitar” means. The instrument should fit your body and hands, have an action that matches your particular touch, and speaks to you when you hear its voice. When this happens, you grow as an artist.

First Notes on a Custom Guitar

The Design and Building Process

I like to get to know as much about each you and your music as I can before design and construction begin. Customers often visit me at my workshop for this reason. We can also arrange a series of online consultations so I can get to know you, listen and watch how you approach your instrument and music. We discuss woods, size, body type, scale length, nut width, fingerboard radius, finishes and design details. Customers often have design ideas in mind. I try to hone those ideas so they feel part of the process; you, the customer, ARE part of the process after all. My goal is that an instrument as unique as its owner is born.

I feel blessed to have built up a diverse customer base from around the world.

A Brand New Acoustic

Discuss Your Project

I’d love to talk to you in person or remotely about your dream instrument. Visits to my workshop are by appointment, and if you’re out of state or out of country I’m happy to arrange a remote consultation via Skype or iChat.Call me at 1-802-875-7397 or email me to start your project.