Scott's Guitar Blog: January 3, 2012

Boring Tuning Machine Holes With a Vertical Mill.

Few and far between posts, but I’m busy! Here’s a couple nice shots of my 1960s Clausing vertical milling machine. These vintage machines are hard to beat, and are better-made than their modern cousins.

Here I’m boring the tuning machine holes for an electric bass I’m building. The accuracy, tolerances and precision on a machine like this are miles above what a drill-press can offer. In the 2nd photo, you’ll see the holes look like they were cut with a laser. Clean, sharp and perfect walls are made when precise tools like this are employed. The table has a jig I built with hold-down clamps. These secure the head-stock firmly to the table. Many a craftsman has had a busted rib when the bit bites in and spins the neck out of control, often into one’s torso! Many simply hold the work by hand, which can result in a badly sprained or broken wrist, if the neck spins loose… be careful out there!