Scott's Guitar Blog: August 9, 2010

Custom SBM Guitar Shirts?

Possible Catalog description:

Oh yes, as you meander down the halls of the public library or aquarium in your SBM Custom shirt, heads will turn and children will gasp as you lightly breeze by, emulating a coolness you’ve never before attained. Not for the meek or shy. Dazzled bystanders will wonder “Is that one of the guys form ZZ Top or Air Supply?”, You’ll give a smile and a wink, never to be forgotten. Cotton/polyester blend. Handmade in the USA.

The hottie in the photo below (NOT the guy) got me a birthday present of custom fabric. I designed two Hawaiian shirts using photos of guitars I had made, and had the fabric printed up! A local seamstress was hunted down (no easy task) and viola!

The black and white shirt being modeled by the aforementioned hottie is a staggered repeat pattern of the Resonator Electric guitar I made for Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter.

The scary loud one being worn by the annoying-cowboy-wanna-be-freakazoid who is lucky enough to be married to the aforementioned hottie is an ecclectic mix of many guitars I’ve built.

Close-ups of the fabric are in the shots as well. Who knows what weddings and funerals these will be worn to, but they will certainly not be easy to miss!