Scott's Guitar Blog: July 25, 2007

Martin J-21 Train Wreck

This nice guitar was dropped hard on a treadmill by a visitor to his home, who then refused to help out with the repair… I have a hunch…. he’ll never be back! The lower treble side was shattered very badly with splits and cracks running 8″ long in a rectangle the entire depth of the side. There were many pieces that were missing and the “fingers” of the splits didn’t all line up correctly, as it wasn’t sent to me for many months and the guitar changed shape slightly.

This repair called for my ultraviolet technology. I glued up the cracks the best I could and used rosewood powder and epoxy to fill in the holes. I then sanded the entire area flush to recreate a perfect curve.

Markers and graining pens were used to “paint” in the illusion of grain where it was missing. I then flashed a vinyl coat over the wood as UV cure finish doesn’t stick to the oil in rosewood then hit it with two coats of UV finish. One minute under the lamp and it was cured completely. Wet-sand, buff out and done!
The client was most pleased and a fast, sound and beautiful repair was done in a matter of days instead of weeks.