Scott's Guitar Blog: June 1, 2006

Strap Button Location

Hi folks, I get many people each year who want to have a strap button installed on their neck heels.
Most people don’t like tying their strap at the headstock for a variety of reasons including look,
Comfort and clearance for ease of play, concerns about wearing the finish and stress on the neck.

My feeling is that unless you have a vintage valuable instrument, it is fine to add a button on the heel. You don’t want to add a button to that pre-war Martin or Gibson folks!

The location of the strap button should be halfway in and halfway down the side of the heel. This allows the strap to grip the side of the heel slightly as it wraps around. I’ve seen many buttons on the bottom of the heel. This is dangerous as the strap eyelet simply hangs on the button and can come off easily. This can result in a broken headstock, cracked bodies and other costly and emotionally damaging guitar repairs! The correct location is seen in the photo.

All the best,