Scott's Guitar Blog: July 31, 2008

New “Yellow Sub” guitar neck

Sorry for not posting for so long! Very busy in the shop! I am building a guitar for a customer who LOVES the art from Yellow Submarine. The original artist is German Illustrator Heinz Edelman. (NOT Peter Max who had nothing to do with Yellow Sub).

The neck is quarter-sawn maple with an ebony fingerboard. After laying out the inlay design I sent it the man himself “Larry Robinson”. Larry is one of the greatest inlay artists there is. He in fact did the work on the famed “Martin millionth” guitar.

I sent him the neck prior to fretting for his amazing inlays. These were done in colored plexiglass and pearl, with some engraving for details. I thought having the sub in two places at once honoured the quantum “popping about” it did in the movie as well as allowing us to make the sub larger on the fingerboard!

The final guitar will be all transparent blue flame maple. It will be a “Blue Meanie” so to speak!